Friday, December 18, 2009

GE lessons

GE is one of the pioneers of outsourcing into India. They started the outsourcing story long before others did and they have continued to do so. From an offshoring shop that did back office work to a group that designs some of their global products in India to using the innovation in India(/China) to build products to global markets, GE has shown that all of this can happen. So, an interview with the top guys of GE is a great insight into what we can see the offshoring industry become (if we wished it to) unless of course we want to remain a backwater backoffice.

(That and much more in the current issue of Forbes...)

And the story of the Mac400

And a note to other companies from that piece, "The earlier approach of getting global products, defeaturing them and putting them out into the local market wouldn't work."

My grandfather once asked me if there was a simple way to get blood tests done in villages that are far away from towns. I mean, people need to land up at the place for their fasting test, then have food, hang around, take another test - is there no way to simplify this, especially for older folks? I don't know the exact answer yet...

But Prof James Schrager does not sound very happy

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