Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Indian companies dont layoff

Indian tech companies (we stick to this sub set now) dont do em. They never layoff people. They may slide a few people through the drain pipe or give them a bedsheet to get off through the window, but they dont lay off people at all. A few people might be relieved for performance reasons, but layoffs, nah.

But arent all the above practices just a nickname for layoffs? There in lies a story. Ask any techie and she will tell you their company did lay off people. But ask any official "pokeperson" (intended) and they will tell you a lot of blah wrapped in some more bluff that it was a routine tree pruning or wall painting exercise.

Beyond the lingo, I think (as I discussed with a friend recently) is a cultural issue. Indian companies do not want to use the layoff word at all. So, we keep it under wraps and dont talk about it. The whole lay off thing is confined to the grapevine which, usually, is true.

My suggestion, bring it out in the open. The moment it is out in the open, employees will know that they will be laid off (and this is a fact). And then neither do squeamish wise presidents and human resource and communication heads need to spend late nights coming up with an appropriate politically correct statement for newspapers and employees alike. Also, recruiters, headhunters will no longer balk that someone was laid off - right now, you cannot use the L word except in the case of some huge public layoff like the Satyam tangle. And publish your layoff policy so that folks know what to expect - whether it is compensation, out placement or just office space and phone bills!

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