Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The mess we are in...

The little one gets a Rubik Cube. And Rubik cubes are perfect as they come.

He then asks turning it over and over, "Appa what is the game in this?"
"The whole idea is to jumble it up and get it exactly the way it is now'
"Oh" he doesnt sound terribly excited by the prospect...

A few minutes and a few simple jumbles later. "Appa, this is easy"
"It wont be after some time" says the all knowing dad.
"But why? I remember exactly what I did and I am able to make it so...and I turn it more, I only have to remember the twists and it will be easy..."
"That's very good..."

Silence for a while.
"Take this." he says, offering the cube to me
"Make it as it was and give me...I forgot what all I did..." The jumbles have gotten a bit complicated, it looks like. I smile.

"But, it is not something I can do."
"What? You cannot solve this puzzle?"
"Why Appa?" he thinks this is an excuse
"Because it is not something I know..."
"Oh..." I sense a drop of disappointment as the cloak of invincibility that a dad typically has seems to have developed a chink. I can sense the brain think, "This is one mess he cannot get me out of..."

Pause for a few seconds...with the offending cube in his hands being turned over and mulling over it. And idea strikes. "Appa, can we learn it together?"

And thats how I find myself at 6.30 am on a sofa, each of us with our Rubik cubes equally puzzled!


Prasanth said...

Is'nt it wonderful to have interactions like this with our chidlren? I end up in similar situations with my sons. There is much that they can teach us!!

Venks said...

Very very Sweet. :)

Arif said...

Awwww. now isn't that just adorable. Man, it's such a dream of mine to crack that cube. Someday. Inshallah Someday.

By the way, how far did you guys get?