Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Paid news...

As a follow up to the previous post, heres a piece from P Sainath - who I do not often agree with - especially with his views on agriculture, farmer suicides etc. But this one is about paid news as seen during the Maharashtra elections (via Contentsutra).

Now given that this is true (unless of course, you like the rest of the world believe that all our electronic and print media is an angel), think of the implications of it.

What it means is that, apart from the upper management of the news media, there are others above them (moneybags) who control what they publish. And given that Trumans like us, have no idea what exists apart from the printed word, we fall for them hook, line and sinker.

Little wonder that there is little diveristy in reporting. Chindu reports on China and Chennai. Others will print whatever is paid for. So much for the paid news. Is it little wonder that the news we read is always pro government (go anti and then you will lose crores of advertisement not to mention raids.)

(Think about why Raju Narisetti quit - in his own words "he left because of a "a 'troubling nexus' of business, politics and publishing that he called 'draining on body and soul'." Follow the curious case of Rizwan and Rajneesh in Tarun Vijays column - a slightly different voice on the TOI website. )

That means that no news is without bias...including perhaps this one. But atleast nobody pays me to write this...

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the journalism or the news industry has also been involved in bribing by influenced people

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