Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Premier web sites

Premier is what premier does. The Times of India is probably the worlds most visited website. Sits at probably the top of the heap as far as internet visits go. And why do they need that a stupid video ad that makes you wait a few seconds as the site loads? Must have been some 'expert' suggestion that one ad for every click will make us richer by some x amount. Probably true. But if the site sees itself as a premier site, why not think different? Why not have less intrusive ads? Or localised ads, pertaining to India? Why mar the user experience by getting someone to see some stupid ad before they see your site?

The TOI is just an example. Ditto for other newspaper websites - all of which look like one another. You already have your viewership. Why not make the user experience great? And why do most newspapers have intrusive ads? (There are a few who dont - I guess Mint for one, Pioneer for another)

While on TOI - I checked out the TOI crest. Nice paper. Nice VFM. Two points. One, to make a sheet like newspaper last the whole week is a pain. Two, Crest will eat into magazine sales at railway stations, airports et al. Interesting to see what the competition will do now :)

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