Friday, December 04, 2009

Self Recommendation

Spotted this on a book recently. Actually seen quite a few books with self recommendation like this.

Great book. Unbelievable price.

I am reading "Predictably Irrational" currently and would like to see the effect of this on customer behaviour. Does this make them buy more or ignore books like this?

I suspect that the chaps who know their books would not go anywhere near them. I also think that those who are new to buying books would probably fall for it. As a gifting idea, it has its pros and cons, but this is interesting to see what effect a label like this has.

Any thoughts?


ggop said...

Crass. Reeks of desperation.
Are they trying to attack price cuts by online retailers?

ecophilo said...

Actually not. This is probably a set of publishers who print it as is. It does not seem to be a store specific thing at all...