Friday, December 18, 2009

Why does India not produce a Google or an Apple?

Got this link via Emergic, in this article where there is a quote, "Why, they worry, hasn't India produced a Google or an Apple?

Let me answer this for you. But first, who are these Indian Strawmen? Why would they ask this question? And why dont ask a similar question of other places and nations? The reason India has not produced a Google or an Apple is the same reason that the US has not produced an Airtel, Infosys or perhaps even a Reliance or a Tata Motors.

The very fact that some "Indians" are asking this question means that they cannot think differently. Surely, not as different those who thought that work could be offshored to India and the time difference could be put to good use.

For those who think Innovation in India is not happening I will tell you to turn a few pages and read about Nokia1100, Tata Nano, Airtels pathbreaking low low prices, GEs Mac4000. And if that doesn't suffice, also think of Masala Chaas from Amul, Mad Angles from ITC and Sugarcane juice as well and these are just the stuff I can think without even looking up from my computer. Sigh!

The article is only a bit about innovation and then goes into fund raising issues etc...As for India/China, the best is yet to come. Don't write them off yet...

(again from Emergic). But if you want something to worry about, it is this...

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