Thursday, December 31, 2009

Worldspace and Long tail

That Worldspace is folding up is no longer news. Surely most readers would be aware of The Long Tail. I thought Worldspace was a true Long Tail business, in the sense of tapping niche music tastes the world over and trying to bundle it and make money off it.

It is well known that making money off the Long Tail is not easy, but Worldspace in that sense was perhaps the biggest possibility. Then again, ipods and personal music players were already there in that space and I am not sure a radio service will be able to compete with this level of personalisation.

That being said, perhaps there was a good opportunity which was perhaps lost. Is this the end of satellite radio or paid radio models?


Kavi said...

Its been one of the most sad developments of this time. WS was an integral part of life for so many years, for me !

And as they go down, i only wish that this is not the end of the road. There sure is a business opportunity that remains to be exploited well.

If 95 % of subscribers were here, wonder why they closed down India!

Completely unrelated yet important to mention is the language of the of the message of closure from Worldspace to its subscribers.

"Your subscription
contract is with WorldSpace, Inc., a US company that is in a
bankruptcy proceeding in the United States. The company recognizes
that you may have paid for services to be rendered beyond the
termination date, but is not in a position to offer a refund for any
unused portion of your subscription....."

My contract was with a US company...i see ! Hmm !

ecophilo said...

Honestly, I never thought they had a chance. My dad is also a subscriber, recently paid up in full for the whole of next year. Gone with the wind!