Thursday, April 30, 2009

Naming ideas

A complaint was filed with the EC on how the Congress has "schemed" in naming all their "schemes" identically. The list ran for about 450 odd items. But the Congress has missed a few tricks in this naming scheme. This is my (partial) list.

  • Himalayas- should be renamed as (Family Name) Winter Snow Scheme or the Winter Glacier Water Storage Programme
  • All Rivers - (Family Name) Riparian Water Collection and Distribution Scheme
  • Monsoon - (Family Name) Yearly National Monsoon Guarantee Scheme
  • Deccan Plateau - (Family Name) Upliftment of Low Lying Areas Volcano Generation Scheme
  • Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and associated Ocean - (Family Name) Saline Waterway Navigation and River Water Drainage Scheme
  • Other local mountain ranges - (Minor Loyalist/Retainer name) Hill Station and Tourism Scheme
  • All forests- (Family Name) Natural Resources Collection and Timber Production Scheme
  • And, finally, the Government - (Family Name) Family Perpetual Employment Guarantee Scheme

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bangalore in Mumbai

Spotted a slice of Bangalore in Mumbai - nay, Navi Mumbai. Namma Bengaluru Iyengar bakery selling all the items their counterparts in Bengaluru are known for...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vote or else

Many slogans of this nature are seen along Mumbais bus stops (mostly) in an effort to get the reluctant class to vote. But this particular one caught my eye.

Related question: MMS is nobodys representative na, except Suniye jees?

Related answer: SMS voting may do the trick - since reality shows manage to garner so much in polls, why not move from EVMs to Mobile Voting Machines?

Monday, April 27, 2009

India = Punjabi?

A thought provoking column on the Indianization of Punjab. No, not actually. It is about the Punjabisation of India by Vir Sanghvi. It is a thought I have a expounded on here, off and on though I think the story has a few more layers.

Take dresses for instance. For women, the two dominant dresses are Sarees and Salwar Kameez. The latter leads the former by a long long margin in general. It can be said that the Salwar Kameez dominates, by and large. The sari, on the other hand, (a fascinating history here) is a more South Indian affair - indeed the most popular style now, the Nivi, is from AP.

Breakfast is mostly dominated all over India by Idli, Vada, Dosa and the occasional Puri. Though, lunches and dinners are surely Punju. The infernal Paneer Butter Masala which usually has none of the 3 ingredients in the name is consuming all other cuisines in the name of lunch. Snacks are dominated by chaat, bhelpuri, samosa though here a good vadapav can give all of them a run for their money. (Datta, Joshi, are you listening?)

Festivals, well, no. There is an Akshaya Tritiya attempting a migration to North while a Karva Chauth is migrating South (per Vir, I dont 'gree).

But yes, you cannot ignore a layer of homogenization happening across India...
Undoubtedly, Hindi films are a good reason for this spread.

More later.

While between Mumbai and Pune

Meanwhile, many people refuse to take the Mumbai Pune expressway immediately after Panvel, settling for a far longer route because of a diversion.
A diversion in the shape of Shree Datt Snacks Corner - which has been fuelling Mumbai Pune travellers for a long long time now. Located along the old highway, its a corner still going stronger and stronger for their vada pavs. After this diversion is an entry into the freeway, which, understandably, is very well used.

Dont miss them if you pass this way...

Akshaya Tritiya, Mumbai edition

Nowadays one of the biggest advertisers in Mumbai FM is gold shops for Akshaya Tritiya. The mania which was a largely south Indian affair (except Kerala which as someone said does not an Akshaya Tritiya to buy gold) is now spreading its virus northwards and trying to get Mumbaikars to buy gold. Todays paper has a huge supplement on it. If it succeeds, it will be a feather in the marketeers cap.

As a recession looms (or spreads, depending on how you see it), marketeers need to open up newer opportunities to customers and market it as per the right "sentiments" to get them to open up their wallets.

This is also a way to drive up spends during a recession. Airtels new ad "Pyaar mein no cutbacks" is in the same vein. The message to consumers is, keep up the spending, though that doesnt mean, we will reduce our charges.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Spotted a petrol pump in Ranebennur - The hands that built BP. Nice, I thought.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Its your choice

Imagine you are just out of college and you get a job offer and you have these choices to accept.

Organization 1: This is an organization where merit reigns supreme. You do well, you are promoted to the next level. Managers are encouraged at every level to find and promote talent. Employees are empowered to take decisions. In general work that is done is done with the shareholders/customers in mind. Yes, surely, there is office politics and there are certain bad eggs, but it does not subsume the actual work that is happening. The organization has a leader, a good next couple of levels of leaders and overall, it seems to be a nice place to work.

Organization 2: This is what I would call a family enterprise. Whatever you do, there is only one measure - loyalty to the family. You are loyal, your rewards follow in the shape of promotions. If the family does wrong, you are expected to stand by it or keep quiet or acquiesce. If you blow the whistle against the family, consider you career gone. Leaders are encouraged, as long as their loyalty is intact. There is a clear glass ceiling - a boundary that cannot be crossed by lesser mortals. The organization has one family as the ruling dynasty and theirs is the last word.

Imagine that these two organizations are roughly in the same sort of business. Where would you prefer to join?

Now, imagine, you are just out of college and you have to vote for one of these organizations.

Which one, would you like to form the government?

Prophetic? Or not?

Wait till May see if screen printers thought has come true.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Anusat, was one of the satellites launched by ISRO recently alongwith the RISAT. The speciality of this satellite, was that it was student made by Anna University. So, I googled and found this (The pdf linked to here is very informative).

It is not often that you get to hear of universities and colleges in India doing stuff like this, so I like this news. Also, in an age where job offers on campus have gone back to sanity, it is a good time for universities to get into cutting edge stuff like this.

From the BS link above,

The 40 kg micro satellite ANUSAT, the co-passenger of RISAT 2, has been built by Anna University, to demonstrate the technologies related to message store and forward operations.

ANUSAT, the first built by an Indian University, is a 'store-and-forward' communication satellite that will help transfer confidential academic material and also monitor drought and wasteland, urban planning and other studies.

Nice work. Can the other colleges and universities step up please... Do let me know if there are other pages I can link to about this.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Internet of tomorrow

The internet we know today would be similar to the stories of our great grandparents encountering the first automobiles. And even in our limited lives, the internet has evolved from dishing out static pages to being so much more interactive. But from here it will move in a thousand different directions. This space and my knowledge both are too limited to talk about it, but the ultimate power of the internet is about putting the power of information at everybodys disposal.

Imagine the braying news that we get to hear on TV today (and newspapers to a lesser extent - because you spend barely 5 mns on them each day) - and imagine the world without the internet. It would be an amazingly distorted view would it not? Political ideologues would use the media to feed you exactly what you wanted to hear (earlier it was coercion, now it is capitalism) and keep you in an almost Truman show like world.

And that's where google (and others) step in. Heres one more step. See this one of googlelabs newest features- News Timeline.

Now imagine open archives of magazines which have existed for 100s of years and imagine the power of this information. Its already begun - quite a few mags have made their archives available for google searches. Apart from the previous post on thin slicing journalism, add blogs and other independent authors in this mix and you can see a truly fair market for information emerge...

Thin Slicing Journalism

A few newspapers have gone online (and discontinued their print avatar) and everyone, including Seth Godin, is saying that the newspaper industry is in trouble. Not the news part, but the paper part...

Heres a post (link via) on Thin Slicing Journalism - its quite a long post, but it is worth a read especially if you are from the newspaper industry...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Which way will Bangalore vote?

As Bangalore goes to the polls the day after tomorrow, it is an interesting scheme of things here. We have some interesting candidates, like the ex-Deccan honcho Gopinath, among others...

Join the rather lively debate here...

But whatever it is, do cast your vote. Check out Smartvote for more info...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Youthfully yours

Dear media,

A lot of you (local and international) have faithfully covered the latest "youth icon" (search for "youth Rahul" on Google News and see the zillion results for yourself). So much so, there is no piece today on Rahul without the world youth inserted in it.

Nice association you have helped us build in our minds. As we enjoy the morning coffee with the stale newspaper Rahul has been subliminally anointed as a youth leader in our thoughtless heads. Today there is a piece by VOA on a fight someplace between youth and experience.

Somehow, you have made us all believe that really, it is a fight between youth and experience. But sometimes a stray thought buzzes in my mind like a mosquito that is it a fight between a "family" and "others who have come up the hard way"(but I squash it, just like I would squash the mosquito.).

But you have never told us, if you listened to "youth", what would their aspirations be? Would the Congress really be able to satisfy those? Who are the real youth icons today? What do they tell us?

Thank god for IPL. Atleast now I dont have to watch braking news. I saw the IPL yesterday and came to this conclusion.

In general youth loves talent. Youth also likes people who come up the hard way. People like MS Dhoni in this generation with somebody like SR Tendulkar running a close second would be way up there in who the youth love. People love AR Rehman. And a lot of others. Youth also love meritocracy. This is something the Congress has never practiced, nor preached. Which is perhaps why, in general, youth love the corporate sector. And sports.

Because there, even with a famous last name, you may not make it.

And, if you had asked the youth one question, "Do they agree with dynastic politics" - can you guess what most youth will tell you? But somehow, some way, that one question is never asked by any newspaper. How coincidental no?

"Youthfully" (and truthfully) yours...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pani Puri 2.0

Should have embedded this a long time back, but I guess I forgot. If you have never seen this, it is simply, simply superb.

Take a pani puri break :)

Terrorism is an issue

Oh, its not me. I have been shouting hoarse on this for a long time, but it is PCjee who is telling this in an interview...

There is a cobweb of words in the interview, but dear suave voter, despite everybody rushing to tell us that there is no pan (non stick) Indian issue, terrorism and internal security is a big big issue in the mind of the voter.

Now to see that reflected in the votes...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Take a break

Yes it is the silly season of elections on us and we take a break from ranting against dyenasties. Heres a youtube video of an oldish pepsi ad.

For some reason, I simply love the lyrics of this ad. Never mind that I am not a fan of any carbonated drink - though I am a fan of both Sachin and Amitabh.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No pan India issue

The media is at pains to assure us that this parliamentary election there is no pan India issue at all.

Thats great news is that not? But, is that really true? Is internal security not a pan India issue at all? Or once the black cat commandos are assigned to the powers that be and their in-laws, internal security is well taken care of? Once public memory of the recent terror attacks that happend in Bombay, Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore followed by a massacre in Bombay has been wiped out, I guess, they are right. There is no pan India issue.

Hopefully, all our intelligent voters will remember how the government slept at the wheel for all of 4 years until Mumbai 26/11 happened.

Hopefully, all road users will remember how the National highways program has deteriorated. Hopefully, you will also remember how Ottavio Quattrochi got away with his money.
Hopefully, you will also remember their manifesto and some hidden promises.

That apart I dont know about you all, but I am worried about the deterioriating internal security situation.

Kandahar happened, we all know, as did a few other hostage situations in between (Iraq, remember?), but to me all that is in the past. What has changed after 26/11 except the creation of one bureaucratic office and a smooth talking hum minister? Nothing. Are we safer? No. Has infiltration attempts increased? Yes. Did we get anything out of Pkstn after the terror attack? No. Are there chances of yet another terror attack? Of course, you bet there is.

All the best in this new year for all of us to escape with our lives...

Coming soon, Nano Electric

So, who shilled against the Nano, including the anti pesticide types and the politician types and activist types ?

This one is for those who believed that the Nano was not really a car (omigosh) - it is a transportation platform.

Heres your news. Tata Motors has entered the Automotive X Prize (all your Mamta types wont ever know this since there is no Politician X prize and even if there is, they will never win) and the two vehicles which it has entered are, an Indica hybrid and, hold your breath, a Nano EV.

Yes sure, it is all a few years away, but I like the way they think! Death to oil addiction.

(via Sanjeev on mail) Apparently, an EV was always under development at Tata, but this one is on the Nano platform.

One more video

From the Argentinian Presidential campaign in 2006. (Link via )

Worth a thought here in 2009 even as each party is stuck in the past and talking about each others missteps without a thought about what they are going to do in future to rectify them...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Did you know?

That there are approximately 450 (Four hundred fifty) government schemes named after 3 members of the Nehru family? Did you know that this has been submitted to the Election as a complaint - objecting to the use of public funds to "politicise" scheme names? Here is the text of the complaint. Did you not read a newspaper report to this effect? No? Well, that's because not too many newspapers published it...


I notice that over the last 18 years, there has been a planned and sustained effort by the Congress Party to name all major government programmes, projects and institutions in the country after three members [snip]... viz Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.

If the nomenclature of these programmes is not politically neutral, the sanctity of the democratic system would be in jeopardy and it would not be possible to ensure a level playing field for all political parties. [Complaint, full text here]

Did you know that this list includes Government Schemes and Projects; Universities and Educational Institutions; Ports and Airports; National Parks and Sanctuaries; Sports Tournaments, Trophies and Stadia; Hospitals and Medical Institutions; National Scientific and Research Institutions; University Chairs, Scholarships and Fellowships; Festivals; Roads and Buildings!!

For the full list, go here...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Nano is beautiful

Had a first chance to get a dekko at the Nano. The dealership was closed for the day, but it was visible through the glass and the rolling shutters which, very conveiniently had grills that ensure visibility.

Could not see the interiors, but from outside it is superb.

And I was not the only gawker. There were others too craning their glimpse to get a dekko of this new beauty on the India roads. People parked their cars and got off to take a look - all this when the dealership was closed...

And it is making waves in all cities. Heres a cobblers story from Mumbai. Here are two stories from ET and DNA.

Anybody who wants to say Indian Industry is not innovative? Now?

Sigh. More Nanos means citizens will demand better roads which this central government has done their best to not provide. Clearly, this is a conspiracy against SUV owners whose vehicles dont need any roads...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Cellphone usage

The next time you are waiting somewhere, be it in a traffic jam or in a queue or in a train or airport look around or analyse your own behaviour. Stating the obvious, perhaps, but most of the time you will find people busy, with their cellphones. Most of the time while travelling, people are talking, messaging on their phones...

[I wonder what we used to do when cellphones were not so ubiquitous...nothing to wonder really, but a passing thought. The answer is simple. We did nothing or we spoke to somebody nearby if at all. If travelling, we read a book.]

Today the cell is a constant companion. I am sure cellphone usage goes up at every place we lack human/social interaction and those days are gone when the social interaction would happen with the person nearby (not in a traffic jam). Social interaction is now limited to the people in your cellphone contact list. As cellphones grow, expect people to form groups like this, informally...Carry your friends with you...

What can we make of this trend?

Twitter, twitter

Been using Twitter regularly for over a month now. And have got the hang of microblogging. I use twitter typically for stuff which I think would be interesting for people who follow this blog, plus stuff on which I might not have too much to say. I do not use it to say which brand of shaving cream I use or what I had for breakfast. There is nothing wrong with that - after all twitter is a tool and how you use it is based on your convenience.

What is interesting is that I have never visited digg and though I installed the stumble upon toolbar, I never quite used it. Twitter is different - people who you follow recommend articles, links (and that's what most of who I follow do) from around the world and that is quite a neat way of "smart sourcing" the tons of stuff that's posted on the net. And it results in some wacky one liners and conversations being exchanged...

Hmm, net net...I don't think twitter is evil (via Atanu), I think that by the next election, the twitter party of India will win :)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Infiltration alert...Read this piece in the Times.

I dont know or care about the fine distinction between "normal" jihadis and Taliban; neither do I care for it, but whatever it is, infiltration is happening in full swing. And surely, we are going to have an early Diwali this year. This Diwali may be different though, not the one you and I are accustomed to...

But there is no security issue...

Update: India Todays site has a report on this infiltration attempt - it goes so far as calling it a Kargil. It seems to be serious enough. Times has a report today too...The estimated numbers are 900 terrorists (no militants shillitants for me) in J&K.

DNA has an even better report. The government calls this infiltration attempt, "Armed intrusion". It reports that the last time the government used this term, was, hold your breath, Kargil...

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Kerala, meanwhile

There was an exchange of food mails in the mail group that I am part of and that set me thinking on Kerala (I am a veggie, so my pov is mostly veggie).

Keralas eateries have this penchant which I have not seen in any other part of the country - they display food in glass cases and you just have to assume that food is fresh. There is no question, no answer. You assume that it is made on the same day. There is no pretense of even reheating the thing. You want it, they pick it off the glass case and plonk it in front of you. Most items in the case, needless to say are stuff that can be prepared and kept - very little items that need to be prepared after the customer orders it.

Then there are the dosa shops - which prepare items - and these are mostly found in the more touristy places. They have a ghee roast - which can be quite good, if you are lucky. And then of course, there is the ubiquitous masala dosa or the idli - but this is not what you can get in all parts of Kerala. It is available only in places with high "turnover". These are an improvement over the earlier tea shops which basically served tea, coffee or milk and bananas (and one or two items in glass cases.)

Another favourite in Kerala - are the meals. Which is like the Andhra meals in Bangalore, but somewhat lighter on the stomach. Earlier most places served healthy parboiled red rice with an option of white, but now it is somewhat reversed. In most places, the default option is white rice.

But if you did not know about these aspects of Keralas cuisine (and did not have a heart for puttu and idiyappam), then you would think, rather mistakenly that the Kerala porotta (pronounced thus) is the big thing in Kerala. Well, it is, in a way - undeniably tasty when hot with a hot curry, it is made of maida and oil and maida and oil and some more maida and oil. It is a health hazard, but well, indulge in it when you are in Kerala.

Kerala is one of the few places which being in the regular tourist circuit has managed to stay reasonably outside the regular tourist paneer butter masala and masala dosa trap. Though the restaurants in the city would please the average tourist Ramu, the interiors still resist them stubbornly...or do they?

Horlicks mixer

Fished out this 70s "gadget" from the kitchen. It is a "Horlicks mixer" made of stainless steel that was used to mix "Horlicks" for toddlers without the lumps (that really used to be trademark of Horlicks).

There are many such examples of how the stainless steel industry empire evolved to cater to the
demands of the finicky Indian kitchen....this is just one of them.

What makes bigger news?

What makes for bigger news? An "attack" on pub goers in Mangalore or a communal riot? Lets try that again. Should an attack in Mangalore get tons of publicity more than an attack in Mysore? Lets try that once again. Should opposition to a Charlie Chaplin statue get more publicity than a communal riot in Mysore?

Regardless of what you think that is exactly what happened.

Make no mistake. Newspapers here did cover the Mysore riots, but it was nowhere near as prominent with prominent wind bags and rent a quote activists shouting about how the calm in Mysore has been shattered. No pictures, no on the ground reports. It did get a report each day - thats all. Here are some other outlets reporting the same news. This report says, BJP members staged demonstrations against (yes, against) the violence - oh why would they, aren't they the eternal perpetrators? Even liberal bloggers who have opinions on all and sundry in Bangalore and Mangalore are quiet on Mysore.

Why the groupthink?

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Nano gets one customer less, ignores her

Why? Because the Mamta will not ride in a Nano.

"I will not ride in the Nano which has been manufactured with the people's blood"

(Ratan Tata would be surprised to know the secret ingredient in his car. And perhaps thats the difference. Maybe that can fuel it too...)

"It is my choice in which car I travel"

(Of course, it is also your choice not to travel in any cars since they are all, really, a coterie, no?)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Budget shopping?

These chaps are talking to some arbit demographic. 4000 bucks for a shirt and you call it nano shopping? You must be out of your mind (or definition of budget).

Well, here are my choices for budget Bangalore shopping during a "recession" - call me bourgeoisie if you like:

  • Roam around Marathahalli (there are quite a few discount stores), not UB city and get what you want.
  • Havent been to the Loot, but it has got some decent reviews
  • Megamart for mens everything. I picked up 3 shirts for about 3000 rupes
  • Brand factory - if you are lucky
  • Megamart has a decent womens section too...
  • If you have a good tailor and know a place to get good material, do that. This is perhaps the best combination of all
  • Chikpet may not be chic, but it has some decent options for kids.
  • The inner streets off Commercial street are better than the main street. (Applies for all prominent streets)
Do add your tips :)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Media influence...

The newspaper in my house, which I routinely read through in about 1 minute and throw in disgust is a complete waste of my time. I consider stopping its subscription, but it is too much of a force of habit and it takes a good 4 minutes for my computer to boot and connect to the net for me to read the news which is nearly impossible in early morning rush hour.

Coming back to the newspaper, of late, much to my chagrin, it has been shilling for the not so young scion of a popular(?) political party under the perverted title of youth. Each day dawns on me, with his cheerful visage lighting up pages as part of a holy trinity or a solo mugshot, always smiling at the state of people like us. Now of course, youthful (under 40) smart alecs like me, know better than to be influenced by one person with keyboard writing about another underqualified, undeserving person aspring to be our leader by virtue of his birth place. (How different is that from one person with keyboard writing against such a person?)

Let us get this straight. Rahul is in this place because he was born in the particular household which happens to be leading the largest dynastic set up in India. Very recently, India helped Nepal (by looking the other way) in dismantling its king and making way for an ostensibly democratic set up. Yet, after we integrated some 500 princely kingdoms sometime in the late 1940s, where are we? We are in a situation where a regent is warming the throne for the heir apparent, apparently. 500 princely families went, to be replaced by one? Sheesh.

Of course, if it is not Rahul, it would have been Kumar or Sachin or Supriya or Poonam. Or me. Except that my dad was born to my granddad who in his mighty position had as much influence on political life as much as load shedding had on grazing buffaloes (and that is overstating that by a factor of 100). But I digress, as usual.

As I sat back on my armchair, I was transported back to my younger days. (Actually I sat through a 30 second clipping of Congressi heritage and found one worthy of blogging). Newspapers love to think they wield influence.And they did - once upon a time.

Those were the heady days when Rajeev Gandhi was supposed to be the change we were seeking. (Honestly, the guy had his heart in the right place). And then, Weepy was supposed to be the change we were seeking. But there was no change.

And then I realized, that the newspaper is not seeking to influence me at all - I am beyond influence. It is seeking to 'influence' the first time voter (or second). It is wooing the youth - not people like me who have cinder blocks for their heads (got this from an interesting exchange on our mail group) and hence, hardened opinions. And I recall people in a call center vigorously discussing the latest crap in Bangalore Times at work. But, there is a difference.

Unlike the heady days of Rajeev, todays youth are not just into one newspaper. (I wasted my youth on one newspaper, boo hoo) They are also into orkut, facebook, internet and blogs in the cities. (Of course, even in villages, in between the power cuts, if the village cybercafe works while the broadband network is up, the people in the villages do nothing but surf the internet - but they are smarter - not many of them buy newspapers.)

Also, unfortunately, many of those fortunate to be APL have a cellphone. So, there is a massive opinion thread around here. (Did you say TV? Yes of course. Remember electricity. Also remember voting in villages is slightly different.)

While newspapers may drown in their echo chamber in the cities, there is no saying which is the echo and which is real. Which is why, while we can believe in any number and any party it does not matter as long as you cast your vote.

Peter Roebuck on IPL shift

By shifting the IPL, Indian cricket has put itself at the mercy of forces beyond its control. It is a mistake. Suppose everything goes along without a hitch in South Africa. What then? And when might India next be considered safe enough for international players?

Bear in mind that IPL does not invite nations, merely cricketers from all relevant countries. And still the tournament could not be held, still it was sent overseas for security reasons.

Does India expect to stage the 2011 World Cup? Hereafter it will not take much to change its location as well. Once weakness takes hold it's hard to remove.

...But to move IPL away from India was to make a drastic concession. After all there is no reason to suppose the election will be any more turbulent than previous instances. Throughout history all sorts of conflicts have assailed the region. Those waiting for a quiet spell will grow long beards.

Except in the most dire circumstances, India ought to retreat from organising anything. Now the bullies know that this powerful nation can be turned.

Moreover South Africa is having an election of its own on April 22nd.

India will rue the day it failed to take responsibility for one of its domestic competitions. On that day the cricket community bowed to pressure, caved into calumny. Of course it had no right to leave security to the police. But IPL says it has plenty of money, is spending a fortune on its African operation. [The Hindu]

Aunty Capitalist loves dollars, surprised?

The best line I read today though the post is a few days old, but anyone (?) still (?) in love with (?) Roy auntys shilling skills for anti progress and anti capitalist types might just want to read this and pin it into their brains...

Now she is so rich and successful that her bank puts her in the list of its top twenty five forex remittance customers, along with major exporting corporations. Imagine how much impossible hope that is filling aspiring writers with.

Read that again, "along with major exporting corporations". More here...