Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blogging update etc.

Blogging updates are sparse because of a few things happening in the background.

One line of thought that I have is to make the blog more focused by writing in specific areas rather than shoot my mouth off on every random happening. But that's just one line of thought. There are other lines of thought in different directions - it could very well be a timing thing. But I do want the blog to reflect my limited writing skills/abilities, rather my random thoughts - so let me see what I can do about that. One thing is for sure, the blog will continue as is, short and long pieces, stuff that inspires me, makes me think or just makes me go WTF. While putting together this blogging update, this happened...

So, today, I called up an organization as a customer and I couldn't reach anybody because the sales team was in a meeting. Which organization would stay in a sales meeting and not be available to the customer who calls up? Sigh! And these are the kind of things that make me blog!

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