Wednesday, January 20, 2010

IPL is the market

IPL is the market for cricket players. And the market decides that Pakistani players are too much risk and dumps them. Is it really an insult?

For the franchisees, these players are too much risk. One terror attack or some pitch digging work by Shiv Sena or some diplomatic gaffe and thats it - investment goes down the drain. Rather bet it on West Indies or Bermuda or players from some other random nation.

So, it is no insult as some may want to make it. If somebody does not buy a particular companies stock in the market, is that an insult? So, tough luck guys. Looks like out in your country nobody reads our newspapers which is busy marketing peace for idiots like us. Rockets rain into our country, terror attacks happen - clearly enough guys out there are not reading our newspapers.

If they did, all these would not have happened and of course, the "insult" would not have happened. Are terror and rocket attacks on us, not an "insult" - oh, I miss the point, perhaps they are "appreciation".

Another point, will the players now turn back and tell their government to stop facilitating terrorism? Do let me know if that happens...I might subscribe to AkA myself.

But anyway, I am glad the market spoke for itself, as markets usually do...

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K said...

What surprises me is the idiotic media is making a huge issue of this non-issue.
Would the Times group make a significant investment towards selling Pakistani print/electronic media in India (Maybe print 'Jang' or 'Dawn' and sell in India or broadcast some pro-militant television news as part of their Aman ki Asha or Romeo ki Juliet or whatever they wish to call it)

If not, then they should just shut up and stop politicising IPL. IPL is business and investing in Pakistani cricketers is high risk - availability/visa/terrorism plus our very own Shiv Sena disrupting the business called IPL!