Friday, January 01, 2010

What we missed all along

A little over 60 years. 2 or 3 major wars depending on who you ask. An unspoken fight at snowy heights. An undeclared covert war always happening. Ceasefire violations. Support for terror activity. Tons of perfidy and double dealing.

I need not tell you what comes to your mind when you read this. Friendly neighbour perhaps.

What has not been tried? Peace accords. Cricket matches. Candle light. Booming guns. Diplomatic threats. Calls to big uncle. Calls to small uncle. Calls to uncles uncle. Buses. Trains. This list is not exhaustive, but you can see that it covers a wide range of initiatives.

Except one! Aha! Love! In the form of peace enabling seminars, music festivals, cultural interactions, literary festivals. If we had done this one thing, surely all the above things that happened, are happening (in planning) or will happen would have been avoided.

Surely reciting poems, shooting advertisements will reverse 26/11 - the last pathbreaking interaction we had? And while we interact, can we interact with some of our fugitives who are in hiding and comfort there?

So, while you do all that, can someone have a textbook review also? With students and teachers from standards 5 to 10? Discussing exactly what they learn in history at school? So that each other know what exactly their future leaders are learning? What mindset is being inculcated into them?

I could go on and on, but please dont delude yourself atleast on a new year. And while I wish you all the best, I would be surprised if there was no security at the venue. After all, when you give peace a chance, it also means violence also has a chance.

Update: So, it looks like this is the general opinion all along. Man, we must all be warmongers!


Arif said...

Gosh Neel, the glass is not always half-empty. The campaign may not lead to everlasting peace, but it'll definitely have several positive repercussions. Also, you gotta admire the spirit (and guts) shown.

Besides, what alternative do you suggest?

ecophilo said...

Arif, I wish I could agree with you. But on this point, my eternal optimism is gone.

As for alternatives there are many, for one opening the doors to trade (but our neighbours fear that because they think we will destroy their non existent industry)!