Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big Shi(f)t

Tactics change, Big Shift, announces Indias approach to talking with Pkstn, its ever friendly neighbour. Let us really see if it is any change in strategy.

We have been talking to Pkstn since donkeys years and it has produced a whit worth of change in the way that our neighbour thinks. And we have been talking all through their support for Kashmir, our dons in other countries, insurgencies in Punjab and any general thing against India. Why, they would force the South east monsoon to turn away if they could.

So talking or not talking does not signal any change in strategy - indeed in general not talking is a stupid strategy. But from where? Is it negotiation or shooting the breeze? Are we negotiating out of desperation or weakness? As far as I can see, we still cry wolf and negotiate with a gun to our head. There is no change in the way that the neighbour thinks or acts or behaves or any indication of change.

So, what would a change in strategy be? As Theodore Roosevelt said, Speak softly and carry a big stick. A change in strategy would be, if we had a big stick with us. Now, we run often to Obama uncle who has a big stick but is afraid to use it. And then again, Obama uncle is not clear on who he needs to support, for one.

So, this is not a change in strategy, it is pure status quo. Baaki sab bakwas...

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