Sunday, February 07, 2010

My dear bank

I had recently been to our friendly neighbourly big private bank to get a statement. This particular type of statement costs me a few hundred rupees. The person who can issue the statement does not access to debit my account. And for getting this statement, I have to be in a queue (nicely token ordered) and pay it - take the receipt and then get my statement. Now, I dont have time for all these niceties. Luckily, she told me, I could always order it online and then there will be an auto debit.

I was stupid, I shouldnt have gone there in the first place for the statement, but I am sure this is a simple thing that can be handled - I mean, people visit service centers as a last resort, so it is in their interest to resolve issues in the shortest possible time when a customer is there, but then there are policies that need to be followed...

And while on banks, another private bank does not give me a statement for my own account online. And for the short duration it gives, it will not print my account number on it. Why? They get to charge for statements of longer duration.

So much for titles like wealth banking, priority customer, private banking and other stupid jargon.


Nikhil Narayanan said...

As far as I have figured, older data is located physically is locations(storage/servers) that are not connected to the main infra.
So,they charge you for pulling data beyond say 6 months.
This is my understanding. I may be wrong.

Ananth Majumdar said...

I can understand how much it pisses you off because you will not go to the bank for things which can be done online. I think a bank which does this will be rewarded well.