Monday, February 15, 2010

Terror express

"Train number 2611, Terror express after various halts across the country is expected to arrive on your platform, you city, your town at an undisclosed time. You patience is solicited as it will arrive, totally unannounced. All signals have been cleared for its arrival, only your presence as a soft target is required. When it leaves, it will leave in its cowardly wake, a few innocents dead. Also will be a few maimed, a few scarred for life in its dastardly trail. The train has no destination - none that we can announce atleast, but it has been on a tour of the country in recent times. We have put up a few signals, but the train does not seem to follow them, so we are helpless to stop the train or put an end to its grisly journey. We are hoping that the train will stop on its own. Probability at present is our best strategy..."

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