Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Foreign universities, counterpoint

This is a superb counterpoint to the opening up of the education to the foreign universities. Professor Vaidyanathan in DNA argues that this is a bailout. And while he is on the money, I still am not convinced that this is entirely a waste of effort. Indian education needs more opportunities - equal opportunity as opposed to equality of outcome. So, in that context creating more opportunities is certainly welcome.

And having good foreign universities is better than universities that operate out of a shed (remember the deemed universities). And it is better that we create good career opportunities for professors like we did for software engineers, quite inadvertently.

And then again, the real dudes will still prefer to go to the real phoren university than study in Atlanta university in Andhra Pradesh (or wherever) - this really is good for a lot of others who would otherwise be stuck in some random college. And also, I hope that the mix of courses offered abroad will happen here - plus opening up opportunities in sectors and courses we can only dream about.

So, overall, I still think it is a good thing...

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