Friday, March 19, 2010

The great global warming scandal

Does it matter where there is a truth in it or not? The argument can continue. As far as I see it it is an irrelevant argument. With or without global warming, some realities and actionables wont change.

Fresh water reserves are going down - the sooner we tap into rainwater harvesting, check dams, conserving existing lakes and water systems the better. How can you help? Ensure that you install an RWH system at your place of residence, campaign for it at your place of work. Conserve water. Don't waste it. Use grey water to water your plants. Do not wash your front yard with a million buckets of water. Collect rain water and use it...

Pollution is on the way up - anything you do reduce it - from cycling to recycling will help. Every trip you take in public transport will help. How can you help? Use public transport. Walk short distances rather than take your car out. Use less plastic. And these are just examples...

Oil is unsustainable in the long run. The sooner this reality hits our heads, the better. Green technologies are imperative for survival in the long run. How can you help? Invest in green technology. Invest in the shares of green companies as well if you believe in them so much. Buy the Toyota Prius, if you can. Apart from green, it increases your cool quotient. If you have too much money, gift me one!

Every bit one can do to reduce our footprint is a smart one. If that means composting instead of throwing stuff in trash, so be it. If that means, giving away old clothes so that it can be used, so be it. If that means, using grey water for washing or watering purposes, so be it. Whatever works for you.

All I can say is that every drop makes a difference. It doesn't matter whether the other person is doing it or not, the question is are you doing it - this is a principle we apply in a lot of things in our life, why not here?

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