Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heres to a flood of opportunity

Foreign universities have been allowed to set up campuses in India. This is a welcome move without doubt. Now, I also hope that the reverse will be allowed. The IITs and IIM can be allowed to set up campuses abroad. Now that would be something, would it not?

One of the problems in India is an artificial shortage of seats in various courses which we address by the "superb" system of reservation. If there is enough opportunity, there is no reason to reserve.

I dont know when and how the actual legislation will happen and what all it will entail, but as far as the thought goes it is a great one. The more we allow the growth of legitimate foreign universities in India, the lesser risk we will face from so called universities, fake universities, stupidity masquerading as universities and money machines of politicians in the garb of universities and so on and so forth. It should also hopefully spur some industry-academia collaboration and lead to more research and development and discoveries and innovation across subjects in India. Some more meaningful research into India itself should happen, create more think tanks and so on.

Hopefully more smart guys (and bloggers) can become professors and create a good learning culture here. And who knows, recreate the glory of Takshashila and Nalanda here at some point.

On the point of brain drain, I am not so concerned - it is good for students to go abroad and learn, for any country.

Licence to dream eh?

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Kavi said...

Absolutely ! I cant help agree with you more. Whilst elite institutes could be well ahead, one look at the state of higher education in smaller towns and universities can be very telling.

Foriegn universities ( hoping that they would structure their pricing well ) would provide a much desired difference to higher education !

Opportunities for bloggers..?! Sure ! Sure !