Saturday, March 06, 2010

Passenger Drone anybody?

In the future there will be no planes...only drones. Sounds impossible? Think about this. Metros already have driverless trains, so why not pilotless planes? It may or may not be something you would see right away, but it is definitely a possibility - actually a certainity.

Drone technology and its ubiquitousness has been going up over the years (thanks to the non war on something previously known as terrorism?). Here are some notes (via Muladhara) on the drone fleet of US, Israel and the like. Think of this, all land operations can be supported by drones. Even a regular terrorist encounter can be very well supported by an eye in the sky.

And to take my hypothesis a little further, in the future, anti terrorism operations need not involve a loss of soldiers lives.No, before you think that the Indian Government has figured out a superb way to create drones and soldierless units to take on terror - this has nothing to do with India. We will continue to lose soldiers and human lives, knowingly and unknowingly, with or without intelligence lapses and bumble our way through life, but the world is progressing, as always...

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