Friday, March 19, 2010

Turn off that TV

I am a big fan of Seth Godins anti TV posts and heres one more. Actually it rhymes in very well with what I think. TV is a one way download model - you watch it, soak in all the advertisements, listen to the prefiltered rants of people who are paid to tell you stuff and then go to sleep as a couch potato feeling bad that you did not achieve anything in a day.

The internet on the other hand, if you so wish (it can be used for worse purposes than the TV) can help you watch you want to watch, read what you want to read, read what people passionate about things are putting up and then write your own blog or something and feel good that you contributed to the mess that is already out there. Sure, nobody may read your site and it is entirely possible that your site is nowhere near racking a million hits and a million dollars in ad revenue, but you have put it out there and some search engine could bring people there and your voice could be heard. Or if you try, circulate what you do to all in your facebook group or email group or somewhere and build an audience for yourself.

In any case, better than watching TV or surfing pron eh?

Its been a long long time since I watched TV. The last big thing I watched was 26/11 with ranting reporters. Prior to that I watched IPL1, a bit of IPL2. Have not yet watched IPL3. Not bad at all. 3 years of my life saved from being deluged in junk? Perhaps. And I have a blog to show as well...

And this piece by Clay Shirky, an old one linked by Seth above too is a priceless piece...

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