Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vacation ahoy

Its vacation time for the little one. And like the genie unleashed out of the bottle, he roams free in search of more entertainment, more play and more fun.

In the story that I read when I was a kid, the genie is let out of the bottle and asks for more work each time from the farmer who lets him out, rather inadvertently. Unless he is given work he says, he will devour the farmer. So the farmer searches high and low for suitable work to be given to the genie without much success. Until a learned man suggests the genie straighten the tail of a dog and thus the genie is occupied for ever...

But no dog and no tail for kids out on vacation. They want to make the most of every moment. Even while he falls asleep, he is focussed on whether he is sleeping too early...

It is enjoyable to see him attack his vacation with much gusto like a hungry person served a 7 course meal. He was up earlier than usual, no tantrums at all, all brushing and cleaning happens with the ease of a touch screen control (earlier, it took the effort of moving a train) and ready to go out to play. If only kids went to school with so much energy, so much gusto. Why can it not be the same?

Seeing this fellow in action, to me, it looks like the natural state of kids and human beings is enjoyment, not mundane work. Unless you convert work in a way that it becomes play or enjoyment. Whatever that means. Cannot think too much more - I would rather focus on the joys that a vacation brings to the little ones eyes!

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