Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Write me a song

According to some statistics, the Hindi film industry creates over a 1000 movies each year. And each movie on an average has about 4 songs. That's about 4000 odd songs that hit the market each year. And in the industry that has existed for the last 100 odd years now, imagine the number of songs in circulation. And it competes with the many other song creators. Starting from all the pop, rap and the US and European music industry - not to say Indias own album industry and the traditional Carnatic and Hindustani music sectors - plus any other song at random that might capture the imagination of anybody at any point. There is also the regional films - Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam - which have their own audiences directly competing with each other.

Now imagine that you are a song writer or lyricist or composer or music director. See what you are up against?

And yet each year, each month, some new song or songs takes the top billing. And of course, a thousand others bite the dust. How difficult can it be? And yet the music industry churns out song after song in the hope that one of their songs is a hit.

Most industries are like that. There is competition everywhere. If there is a Tendulkar in cricket, there is a Rehman in music or some established name in every field you pick. So, how do you compete? The odds are everywhere. Competition is daunting everywhere. And yet, in all these places some name, known or unknown makes a name for himself or herself against the odds.

What can one do except try?

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Abhishek said...

I always used to wonder, what would be the time when they run out of "good" tunes.