Friday, March 19, 2010

Yahoo cricket chat

Yahoo announces a live cricket chat with none other than Prem Panicker (Smoke Signals). Now, I don't know how much traffic yahoo attracts in India, but nonetheless a regular chat is a smart idea. A cricket chat with someone with the knowledge of the game for about an hour is a nice idea. I would think fans would make a beeline to this one. It will be interesting to see if the model sustains in the future if PP does not host it. Whatever be the model, I think this is yet another avenue for ex-cricketers to pitch in other than commentary. Yahoo please note :)

The reason being, it is tough to build a personal connect on a website unless you do it with a person and if that person is a personality, why not. So, if you follow someones twitter stream that allows for one level of connection by RTing them and so on, it is entirely another thing to be able to chat with a well known person. This is interesting in the way that Yahoo is trying to use content to drive traffic to its India site. I would think other sites are doing similar things too, but I don't know...

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