Friday, April 09, 2010

Anti Torture bill

Dear Terrorist, your planners, supporters, financiers and the rest involved in similar evil activities to kill innocents:

I received your bmb. Thank you. It has exploded in the face of a few hundred people. A few people went to their afterlives. Hopefully, you have earned your medals that will guarantee you your goodies in your after life. I am glad you have taken care of your after life. I guarantee you that even if you are caught, we will not torture you to extract information from you in this life. I will give you a nice questionnaire that you will fill which we will use as evidence about you. Even if you kill a zillion people, we will not torture. We are nice people, you see. The same applies to all of your supporters.

But if any policeman or paramilitary guy tortures you, we will pulverize him, court martial him and do whatever it takes to ensure that justice is delivered - even make his life less worth living. Sorry for this distraction. Carry on with your work.

Torturers deserve to be tortured. Killers deserve to be killed.

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