Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bachchan n Modi

Jug Suraiya asks a question in his blog. Is the Big B debasing his own brand? Let us put the question the other way round. Is NaMo debasing his own brand? By associating himself with a some time Congresswallah and another time SP Wallah?

Of course, the right answer to that is the NaMo has no brand outside firebrand Hindutva politics. Thats what people would like to have us believe.

But you see, data never lies. Gujarat has done well in almost all possible indices in the past few years. The electricity situation is better than any state in the country. The once arid Gujarat is a powerhouse in agriculture. Corruption is at its lowest across the country. Since 2002, the landmark year for secularists, the state has made notable progress under the Chief Minister. And why is that not worth endorsing by any ex superstar and still selling brand?

And then again, who is the Congress pointing fingers at? After their 1984 debacle, the only thing that the Congress has going for them is that nothing "much" happened after that. Indeed, the wheels of justice of 1984 mimic some sort of Orwellian story. And does anybody really believe that the Congress is not protecting its own flock? And exactly when did the Big B stand for election on a Congress ticket? Not too from 1984, right? And was anybody apologetic after 1984? Really? I leave you to do the math and read the news.

Now, just for a moment keep all of that aside. Is being associated with Gujarat such a sin? Why? Just because some people think so? Why does any of this make it a place worth not promoting? After all the Commonwealth Games are going to be held at Delhi - the same Delhi of 1984? The wheels of justice are turning. If Mr. Modi is guilty, he will be held accountable and hopefully the 1984 worthies too. Can those on the sidelines stand down please, while that is happening?

And focus on the bigger things that need our focus? Like yet another impending terror attack someplace? Or the fact that right now, our military strength is at its lowest, bravado from the latest chief notwithstanding...

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