Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bangalore blasts

Yesterday Bangalores Chinnaswamy stadium was rocked by 2 low intensity blasts and a third bomb was defused. We can claim that the show went on, but what if the blasts were bigger and claimed some lives? That of course, can be dismissed as a hypothetical question.

But the bigger question lies - who managed the smuggle explosives into a potentially high security venue? And how? How did they evade security? Did they have to evade security at all? What if the blasts triggered a stampeded? And as with any lull in terrorism, is this some sort of a recce? Do we have a plan in place for any of these?

Bangalore has had a series of blasts recently and clearly, this is a city that is in the crosshairs of the terrorists. This show went on, but remember that the terrorism show is going on too...

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Swapz said...

The show went on because the effect of bombs was downplayed (or the media might have hyped it, so sitting at home, it felt big)

Anyway, the effect is there for everyone to see: Semi finals moved out of Bangalore. The terrorists are successful most times: in spreading terror.