Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Bangalore Council elections

The BBMP polls in Bangalore have been swept by the BJP. This, is no surprise, if you are willing to look with a reasonably unbiased eye.

In the last 22 months, Bangalore has seen immense improvements in roads - most roads have been tarred, civic works are going on without delay or interference, a lot of interior roads which were earlier like unploughed farms are now like real roads. A lot of attention has gone into kicking off new projects in infrastructure and work on them ticks along, metro work is happening. Public transport has got a lot of attention - the face of public transport here has almost changed with the Volvos among other things.

Now this is quite unlike what it was prior to that when, sons of oil and their coterie ruled the place. Bangalore was fast going to the canines. Any sane citizen who voted would clearly not vote for the two parties who nearly ran the city into the ground.

Now, hopefully, the hands of the government will be further strengthened and they will devote their energies into Bangalore and Karnataka over the next 3 odd years...


shane said...

Definitely agree with you on this - the last two parties definitely did a lousy job! Hopefully this win will spur the ruling party to do more.

Venks said...

Good to hear.