Thursday, April 01, 2010

Blooming leaf

While the automotive (whats their motive?) majors are launching car after oil drinking car in India, the worlds first mass produced ZEV -zero emission vehicle is launched (very well written post, btw). I cant say if the Reva qualifies as mass produced, but regardless of that, in the eyes of this blogger, the future is here. And the price at which the Leaf is launched is roughly that of what one would get an oil burning car for...Not bad. Not bad at all.

One can argue whether this is indeed the future or not or whether the perpetual energy machine is round the corner, but if there weren't money in here, car companies would not go this route. The Leaf is perhaps the first, the Volt will follow suit soon. Clearly the direction as we see in the way the wind is blowing is clearly towards an oil free future. More power to it. So, do you really want to upgrade now to another oil burner?

So, my dream of owning an electric car is becoming more and more real - lets see which is the first one to be launched in India. Can we get electricity right by then? Please?

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