Friday, April 30, 2010

Bus buddies

This old article in BW link via 37 Signals, reminded me of Mumbais local train commutes. They too have train friends with whom they celebrate life, the commute and everything else.

Having lived that life for a few years and having spent time in various cities stuck in traffic jams, I think commuting is a pain and a waste of time. Perhaps 50 years down the line, commuting will be something we will look back on as a thing of the past. And perhaps you will go around only for leisure - (on you bicycle?).

More power to working from anywhere...This will soon be an incentive in workplaces.


Ananth Majumdar said...

It is already.. Some of my friends who work in IBM don't want to quit because of the work from home option ONLY

Kavi said...

The work from home option is gaining so much credence ! Someday, someday we may not need to travel to work !

I can sure get two full extra hours every day !

Phew !