Friday, April 09, 2010

Dynasty vs government

This is one superb article in DNA. Kudos to DNA and Jagannathan for writing something like this. I have not seen any such piece that questions the government across MSM - yes, a few bloggers do write, but not MSM. Brave journalism this, if you ask me.

Read through the piece carefully and see the questions he asks - something that nobody has ever. He questions the will of the top rung of the pyramid - occupied by you know who. And wonders why has the top of the pyramid never come out with a definitive statement against those Maoist butchers? He also mentions the "M" word - on missionaries and questions their role. Run - is he a saffronite in disguise - which is the templated response for anybody who uses those words. And then again, recall the outrage against Salwa Judum.

Tis a strange web of connections that the eye cannot see, especially when blinded by non celebrity weddings. I leave it for you, the intelligent reader to figure this out.

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