Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Government Motto

Today I was trawling the websites of a few governments. US gov site has a motto - Government made easy. Singapore gov site has "Integrity, Service, Excellence" as its motto. The India government site, predictably, has no such motto.

What would it be, if they did? Apathy, indifference, ignorance? Coming in the light of the Naxal attack on soldiers, well, I don't know...


Venks said...

No i think it would be more purposeful like
"Sacrifice the innocents, protect the greedy, Corrupt and ineffecienct", will be our motto.

I cant understand the slaughter of 100's of army men at the hands of maosist, after so many killings, the cause really doesnt matter, all of the maoists need to be eliminated Period!!. There is no place for mindless bloodshed like this.

Kitchie said...

The naxalites (They should be termed as terrorists) have the support of the state governments in most the places that they operate. They also have the sympathy of some of the educated 'elitist' who claim that the country has 'failed' them.
Any bugger who targets the country's resources/property should be given the death penalty - and any person who tries to defend/harbor/support fianancially or otherwise should be given a crueller death sentence - stoned to death or worse!!!

Barbarians do not need Human Rights - Human rights are for 'humans'!!!