Monday, April 19, 2010


The IPL saga brought tears to my eyes. It has shattered my belief system in the whole country. Today is a sad day for me. I love the media for exposing all of this and proving to me that the emperor has no clothes. How come they knew it all only now? Or were they still telling me the emperor has a fine suit?

All along I thought that the high and mighty went about doing their work in the name of the citizens who gave them votes and brought them into power. But now I have realized all along that it was just power and money that they were after. Sweat equity or no sweat equity. I sweat in the summer, they get equity. In crores.

I believed that that the ministers we bring to power serve the nation selflessly. But they are really in the business of self service. Perhaps boss service as well.

I believed a lot of other things too. I believed that fruit juice has fruit. Now I know there is no fruit juice or pulp. Everything has added flavour.

I also thought that all Sports bodies in India were really about sports. I now realized that the poorer ones are still about sports which nobody plays and therefore get milked only for Kurkure or an occassional railway ticket. The richer ones are still about sports - except your definition of sports may include yachts and fast cool cars.

I really believed that the government in its current form has been as squeaky clean as a floor swept by Lizol (no, nobody pays for product placements).

I believed that cellphone networks are congested only because of too many users. And then the "King" size telecom scam comes into view.

I believed all those Republic Day Parades where we parade our military might. And then I see 72 CRPF guys got slaughtered by "Maoists". And we still flying Mig 21s.

I wonder what other aspects of my belief system will be unravalled over the next few years. I know for sure which ones I would like to see thus, though they may not be the same...

IPL or no IPL - the reason why so many people are BPL is the same reason. People in office solve their own problem instead of solving problems of the people...