Friday, April 09, 2010

Mumbai and J&K

J&K bans inter district recruitment. (Correct me if I am wrong, isnt outside state recruitment banned here in any case?) Pray, tell me, how is this different from a certain media favourite banning people from entering Mumbai? And if there is so much outrage against the latter, where is the outrage against the former? Why? Why? Why?

In my mind, Raj Thackeray is the best thing that can happen to India. By virtue of this one person, Vodafone in Mumbai now talks to you in Marathi if someone you call has a busy line. By virtue of this one person, there are boards in Marathi. My wish is that there are a hundred Raj Thackerays everywhere. That, hopefully will drive politicians to ensure that every state is governed by uniform laws. Otherwise, we are only a step away from Bombay banning recruitment from non domiciled Mumbaikars or Maharashtrians.

Somebody in Bangalore listening?

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