Wednesday, April 14, 2010


After dithering for a while, I finally went ahead and picked up a Netbook - Samsung N210 to be precise. And after using it for a few weeks, I think netbooks are cool. People buy laptops thinking they will do this and that - including watch a movie and what not. But if you are not one of those and you would rather have something that lets you get on the web and be there (which is what I think most of us do anyway), a netbook is a neat option. Not as heavy as laptops - will fit cozily into a backpack - and you will actually take it where you go - rather than dump it as the first item for ballast when the luggage is a bit heavy. Their higher battery life is a plus too if you travel.

For me, I wanted something that allowed me to work (mostly write) anywhere in the house at anytime. With Google docs and offline mode, I can write whenver I want to write. Over the last few weeks, it has found great use for me. The kids also get the desktop when they want to do something.

So, if you are not into doing a million things with that laptop of yours - consider the netbook. They look pretty cool too :)

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