Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Never underestimate

Started off as a comment at Acorn...Maoists kill 75 soldiers inside the country

Lets run a simple checklist. Whoever has attacked India, internally or externally, have they had hell to pay? Ok. Where we did well was in 1965 and 71. Ditto against the Punjab terrorists. Other than that?

Dons who killed thousands roam free without any fear of retribution. Terrorist Bombers who killed many across Indias cities roam free. Entire countries grabbed territory and we still talk to them. Maoists, inside the country are doing the same.

Thou shalt not underestimate Indias pusillanimity and mistake brave words for real action on the ground.

Why is a 75 a strategic mistake? Why is even 1 not? Why do we lose our soldiers so regularly? Why are our political forces so blind to losing brave soldiers? Why the f must we lose soldiers at all? Why cant we make them fighting fit, train them, give better equipment? Why are we still stuck at WWII tactics?

We can of course exchange dossiers with the Maoists. That may be a peaceful way to get to the bottom of things.

And a note to newspapers. Do not compare and contrast Maoism with Kashmir. Both are problems that need to be solved.


Anonymous said...

In order to capture rule from Marxists Mamatha Banerji is suppoorting Maoists and central govt due to influence of Mamata do not take serious action against Maoists.

The income for these extremists comes from the contribution collected from big industrialists and miners in the Jharkhand Bihar and Chathis garh area where most of our mineral deposits are available. If you visit these places you will understand one thing, there is no supoort for common man, no government, offcials offer any support to an ordinary man, no developmen schemes come to them, no media covers their problems. They are very very poor and impassive lot.

The state governments which rule these states except Bihar is totally corrupt, only Mr.Nithesh KUmar now converts Bihar to a better state, all others are rumphant corrupt, naxalites are also very corrupt and have a parallel government running under them with chinese support from Maoist rules Nepal and borders.

Unless central governnemnt take decisive step towards curbing terrorism and state govt co-operate nothing is going to happen. Our CRPF are also very les trained in gurilla warfare, they know only one thing salute high officials and high officials never foughta war never handled a critical situation all got high perks corruption is ramphant in CRPF, all they are strict are when a poor sepoy apply for a leave, then they harass that poor chap, so the sepoys are a demoralised lot. Thye never got any training no leadership no intelligence.

We curbed Paunjab because of counter militant measures taken by KPS Gill and in Kerala Jayaram Padikkal curbed naxalism with brutal force only, you cannot apply human rights to terrorists they only know only one language thats of gun.

State police of MP, Chathisgarhs Bihar UP are all corrupt to core and no trained they just carry some guns without any bullets , chewing pans they dont have any motivation no training.

So this is ground reality, when was a time India acted bravely when a terrorist attack occured or a Kargil war occured , never is the answer.

We should salute Sam Manekshaw Indira Gandhi Karunakaran for their will to curb extremism, PC is as equal to a Shivraj Patil, and the security advisors they are just chamchas of congress and retired lot. why dont they ppoint KPS Gill as National Security Advisor

Prasanth said...

Did you listen to our honourable HM's comment? "We shouldn't have lost so many". WTF - so how lives many lost would have been considered acceptable? 10? 20?

ecophilo said...

74? We can go on counting. We will hit a century, double century like we have with terror bombings. And the ministers will protect themselves with Black cats and whatever other new force they can come up with. The rest of us can die - choose your method by Terror or Naxal.