Sunday, April 25, 2010

Registan Express

The Udyan Express would soon have to be named Registan Express if the desertification of the city continues. This article has the details.

I dont know the technicalities, but I have seen the city lose green cover over the last 10 years especially along the main roads. But before we blame the government for that, do take a look at Bangalore from the air. Most trees in Bangalore are in gardens or on roadsides - not in peoples house and apartment compounds. Actually some of the newer apartments have a few trees, but most apartment complexes have barely any trees - it affects frontage you see. And houses built on plots, well, they have no tree. Between the marble and granite and cemented courtyard, barely anything can grow. Yes, we have a few plants masquerading as greenery, but thats hardly any consolation. A large part of the green cover is thanks to the army in its area and some of the bigger gardens and institutions.

The city has to get its act together soon. Rainwater harvesting for one - which is now compulsory for most properties. Protect the existing lakes from encroachment so that the catchment area is not reduced. Rejuvenate the dead lakes for another - some of the lakes are sorry sights today. Create a good sewage treatment system. And a garbage collection system. The latter two are miles away from being anything optimal for a city thats continuously expanding. Is the newly elected city council listening? Public transport is significantly better than what it was, but more can be done here. The Metro is a great initiative that should be been here many years ago - but well, whenever it happens, it will be welcome. Cycling paths and walking paths can be built - a city with weather like Bangalore is ideal for cycling and walking and this potential can be tapped. Overall the cities friendliness towards pedestrians is reducing fast.

Right now it may seem like someone elses problem, but soon, it will arrive at your doorstep too...


Kavi said...

This 'someone else's problem' syndrome is the killer ! Well said !

Pray to God that things will change soon !

purple pitara said...

Our 2nd theme for the summer camp - Fun with Junk starts today. Going to explore better ways of waste management = let's see how that goes. but quite excited about exploring this with young kids