Friday, April 09, 2010

Twitter newspaper

As Prem says twitter can soon replace the newspaper and other aggregators. Honestly, I like that thought. I would rather follow my twitter list to give me the updates I want than a random set of editors who decide what I read in the morning.

Other than that, heres what works for me
  • No celebrities. None ever. Especially those who twitter a million a minute
  • Follow those who will distill above into one or two tweets a day that's all an intelligent brain can take.
  • There are many twitterers who can aggregate and RT the right stuff for you.
  • Stick to those who will provide you with a good reading list and some good thoughts.
More power to twitter...and follow me here...

1 comment:

Prasanth said...

Oh I'm not so sure - somehow I'm not that excited by Twitter -One of the reasons may be is that the twitter is blocked in my office environment. As of now, I stick yo google reader and pageflakes.