Sunday, April 25, 2010

We, the Indians

We, the Indians of India - the losers in India who never get to sing at an NBA game, must know that the breaking news today is that a Canada born Indian sang at an NBA game.

How exciting is that? Absolutely it is.

And then you when you read the piece, here theres more than meets the eye.

For news sites, it is their primary responsibility to track down the slightest of Indian connections to a non happening event and then tell us, how the said Indian (howsoever fractional) has succeeded in the first world. Such it goes it guess - since ostensibly, we the consumers of news sites, salivate at the prospect of hearing "Indian" connections around the world.

And I as lazy blogger salute their determination in digging out obscure Indian connections that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and unheralded thus reducing the success (!) of India in the eyes of Indians and fractional Indian citizens or citizen of other countries who were Indian citizens once upon a time around the world. People, please feel proud today for this news. I hope there are tears of joy in your eyes...

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