Monday, May 31, 2010

10 tips to save your life

Politicians wont target terrorism - Naxal or Islamic. You wont go and vote for change either...

Then, how to save your life? Here are some tips...

  1. Stay at home as much as possible. Surf the net. If you use wi-fi, please keep it secure!
  2. Visit only places that have security guards in place or a CRPF contingent to guard. Like airports, Infosys, Bangalore or some other high security establishments.
  3. Do not travel at all. Definitely not by train. Travel by flight, if you must. Cargo planes or ships are a good option, unless you count pirates.
  4. Do not go shopping to crowded  markets - especially during festival times.
  5. Order online.
  6. Avoid 5 star hotels near the sea. (Or be there, considering attacks are not likely to be repeated - depends on how you see it.) 
  7. Eat at 5 star hotels - they x-ray baggages these days.
  8. Drive everywhere - sure its not eco friendly, but if you dont live whats the point?
  9. Shop at malls - the security theatre there could dissuade wannabe bombers.
  10. If you know any politician with high levels of security, tag along...
    Yes, this is entirely tongue in cheek as the government is unable to guarantee the safety of its citizens...If you can think of more tips, let me know!


    shane said...

    Avoid godmen. You may get targeted by them or people targeting them :)

    Sri said...

    well these 10 things are why what woman like to do. it is easy to be a cowards Anyway you die, live a courageous life and die. if it is a terrorist, your family atleast get compensated by government money and death be beneficial. Living like dead wood is no use