Saturday, May 01, 2010

Columns and websites

Yahoo launches a series of columns with a personality.

Most websites do not have a marquee list of writers who can attract traffic to their website - I mean there are, but nobody wants a writer to be bigger than the website, so the attractions, so to say are understated. With the result that every website is no different from the others. Today, every site has news - no different from the others. It has a few sensational items - again no different from the others. A slideshow, a little sports and what not.

And if you did not know the slight difference in the website design, believe me, you would not know or care who you are reading.

But heres a set of columns with personality. Take a look. Many of them are bloggers of repute and represent a diverse world view - not a singular world view nor one that is restrictive or apologetic. So, intellectual reader, head there...

It is good to see somebody trying to do something different amidst the clutter.

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