Sunday, May 09, 2010

Dossiers versus Fists

India faces a successful terrorist attempt - about 183 innocent people lose their lives - we even manage to capture one of the perpetrators alive. We have incontrovertible proof of their handlers based in Pakistan directing the operations live - we know where the b*d trained and here we are two years down the line exchanging dossiers. Those dossiers will add significantly to the India Pakistan trade I am sure.

Contrast this with the US. There is this terrorist who wants to set off a bomb in Times Square (intentions are to kill - please note) fails miserably for whatever reason and the US demands (and will get some of it) action on terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan. No dossiers, no demand for more proof.

The attempt in the US is same thing as the 15 plus successes in India - setting off bombs in crowded places - including Mumbais trains and Delhis markets.

The US has Pakistan by its round objects that can be hit by bats - thought it is fairly certain that the US's own abilities and will to go the whole hog is suspect. It will get Pakistan to do something - mostly keep a lid on activities directed at the US, but what will happen is Pakistan will direct its energies to its left a little more.

Clearly, the US is not interested in preventing terror attacks all over the world for all its Nobel Peace Prize winning Presidency - they are interested in securing their citizens lives. Logically thats what every country should be doing - and if you as a country are not interested in securing your own citizens lives, why should anybody else care?

The stronger US has Pakistan into a corner, the more we will suffer - unless we chose to do something - which right now looks like it is centered around meeting puppets at sidelines of stupid conferences.

But the bigger fist in the room is not US - it is China. More on this later...

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