Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ho hum news

Yesterday was a landmark day in the annals of Indian history. That lone terrorist who we caught from the dark remains of the Mumbai massacre of Nov 26th 2008 and nursed back to extreme good health was found guilty and will be hanged. Period.

The fact is that we caught one termite terrorist - we have no idea where the others are or if we do, we have no way to get them. We have no idea who funds them, supports them and if we do, we dont have either the means or the guts to take them out. While we may have caught a terrorist and taken good care of him, it is no great achievement.

And today we have more news other than this simple news item that really deserves a corner of space. I would rather see news on how are we geared to tackle the real threat behind it.

But leave that aside. Today is a great day of news.

One great piece of news I read was that the terrorists village thinks his conviction is a sham. I mean, who the f cares about it? This same village was supposed to be difficult to reach at the time when he was arrested. Now, apparently, scores of reporters have gone there to ask those villagers what they feel about their villager being arrested. Puhleeez ask them what they felt about the 183 people massacred in cold blood.

And we have reams of newsprint wasted to cover this non event.

Can someone tell me about the wasted years in defence preparedness please?

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