Thursday, May 06, 2010

I have lost it

In the light of the star terrorists conviction, it is important to see the advancements India has made in counter terrorism technology.

Regular Dossier- printed on eco friendly art paper hand crafted in fine ink and bound by leather
Surface to Surface Dossier - sent by local post -ground transportation
Surface to Air Dossier - you get the picture
Stealth Dossier - that which cannot be seen by the recipients - which is what presumably most of our dossiers have been - this is quite advanced, mind you.
Inter Continental Ballistic Dossier - which we send to Uncle Sam
Submarine Dossier - typically dossiers which fall in the sea or dossiers which are tossed in the sea after being sent to our worthy neighbour
Drone Dossier - which are created by our supercomputer without need of human intervention
Nuclear Dossier - which are the ones that have evidence that will destroy all evidence to the contrary - but we have a no first use policy on this one as well as signed a pact with Uncle that we will never share such a dossier with anybody
Pre-emptive dossier - sent before a terror strike to preempt any terror strike as the name suggests

Does anybody read them? Can we send some old publications bound together for their use? And in the meantime, can we add some teeth to our forces? Please?

Otherwise, we will have to depend on one Tukaram Ombale and another 183 dead for every star terrorist nabbed alive...

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