Saturday, May 29, 2010

Maoist, Gunmen, Militants, Naxalites, Radicals, Extremists

What are these terms?
Familiar terms these are for you, my fellow countrymen - regardless of what they be called - even if you called them white angels of peace - their aim remains the same. Their aim is to kill you - the citizen of India. Dont bother with the fine combing the differences. You wont understand. Only news channels do.

Are they terrorists?
Please dont use the word terror and terrorism loosely. You have no frikking clue what you are talking about. We will talk about this later.

Why do they want to kill us?
Oh well. Thats a tough one. Surely you have felt like killing somebody sometime? That autorickshaw guy who charged you excess fare? Your in laws? The local goon? No? Just the same way they want to kill you. The same way you were disturbed, they are too and want to avenge something.

But I was not responsible...I am just an ordinary guy...
So what? They dont have time to pick and choose targets, atleast not until you can identify with an identity card, till then they have decided to go random.

Why is the state not protecting me then?
See, both you and the above list are citizens. The state cannot protect all of you can it? If you are killed, you die and one vote is lost. Will any human right campaigner take up your case? No. Do you even have followers? No. Will your family take to guns? No. Will somebody offer you money to take up killing? No. For the record, you are protected by probability and it is better than guns or barbed wire, let me tell you. Does the state protect you against traffic accidents? No. You take care and the rest is probability. It is quite good, let me tell you.

Why is the state soft towards them?
See, they are affected people. They are sad and angry. Being hard towards them will cost votes.

Sad and angry about?
Sad that you are alive. Angry that you worship a different god. Besides they are paid well.

Who pays them?
Pious, devout people in foreign lands. Or not very pious, not very devout people who make up for their piety or lack of it by offering money to other people willing to kill and die.

Do they vote?
Nobody knows. But their supporters ensure that their supporters make a lot of noise on television. More than the screaming anchors. So politicians are scared of losing votes. When was the last time you voted? Or voted against terrorism? Then dont complain...

Why dont we catch their supporters, funders?
You see we need proof. And proof is hard to find. We still dont know if Kasab really killed anybody, do we? We know green and red terrorists hate us but who knows maybe we deserve it.

What about Hindu terrorists?
Yes, yes. I see you are quite aware of the real threat facing the country. They are the biggest threat to this nation. We are equipping ourselves with drones, nukes and other advanced weaponry to ensure that they are wiped off the face of our nation...

And those internet Hindus?
Yes, we need to bring them under control too. You are catching up fast eh? Yes, we are watching many IP addresses...

More later...


Venks said...

rightful anger....its gut wrenching to see this....just read an article which tells me the maoist movement started with bows and arrows in 1967...and today they buy hi profile weapons....from our friendly neighbourhood.....Manmohan and PC have to answer this...why isnt the military mobilised to tackle this threat....atleast some battalions...finish this off...maybe tht will weaken other fronts....but CRPF and the police are nothing but body bags....God!!! please help us!!

venkatramanan said...

Lately, I could see many posts from you in this regard. While I respect & empathize with your anger, is it really necessary that you have to put these type of posts? Instead can you try with your marketing / analysis kind of posts (Or should I say SethGodin type!) which will really help the reader in any way!

Just a thought


Oracle said...


I am really delighted to see first post on train derailment as I was really sad and angry to see such thing happens again and again.

I read one article through some blog ( might be urs) about journalist Jagannath in DNA newspaper pointing fingers to Christian Missionaries working in Adivasi areas who fund these Maoist and Naxalites. And Mrs Sonia Gandhi, being Christian, keeping her mouth shut (even Prince in waiting to crowned – Mr Rahul Gandhi) and not uttering even a word against them. Now, Mr Blue Turban is just acting like a puppet in the hands of high commands and Mr. Home Minister with no full mandate to go against Maoist (why not to resign if you got any self-respect ), we deserve to die. Not because of these people, but because we voted them a year back with clear mandate ( not fractured one).

I felt really sorry that Mamta wants power in next general election with lives of 148 passengers (and still counting) not saying anything against PCRA who claims responsibility by putting posters near accident site. ( this might be conspiracy also to put blame on PCRA but whatever- need more probe on that.)

Most of the blogs I read are about finances but if there is no internal security, nobody can save India or for the matter of fact Indian Stock exchanges.There are lots of lives of Maharashtra Police lost in Naxalite hit area ( near Chandrapur and Gadchiroli) in last few months and nothing is happening and NCP is also ally in power with Congress in Maharashtra who rules at centre.

Keep good work.


ecophilo said...

Yes, Venkat, point taken :)

venkatramanan said...


Thanks a lot.