Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Next Big Thing

This is beautiful, almost priceless.

Traditional media like TV and Newspapers try to adopt to the "next big thing" in social media. Actually it is a bit more than that. As the internet became popular, newspapers made their way gingerly to it, first by offering paid content and then settling by and large for free content - since the content is out there anyway. Actually if they had gone for paid content, in a few years along the way blogging would have made them completely irrelevant.

But they stayed on the net and the bloggers came. Pyjama bloggers, they said, or worse. But the bloggers were there - not paid for, just doing what they liked to do - presenting their own opinions, writing and what not, often working harder than newspapers and other media. And then the newspapers latched onto blogging.

But this was too little too late. Much water has flown under the bridge since then, but today Twitter is the hottest medium and this time, it is not the newspapers and big media which are making waves, but individuals - both as part of media and not as part of media.

Many of the big guys on twitter are not necessarily from media at all - they are people whom media would traditionally report on. If you wanna hear about Sachin, follow him. If you want to know about Big B, follow him, not the reporter who follows him, heh!

And to quote this bit from Kottkes page "The Onion sums this all up way more succinctly: Aging, scared newspapermen throw themselves at the latest mobile technology trend in a humiliatingly futile attempt to remain relevant."

Great Bong conjured up twenarlism - journalism reporting on tweets - its just part of the NBT effort. Whats next? Wait and watch...


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