Sunday, June 27, 2010

A drowning man

A drowning man clutches at a straw and thus it is with the non Janata Dal S. The head of the once political party now reduced to a family party with single digit seats now jumps to the bandwagon of asking special powers to the Lokayukta. But guess who the chief minister was before this government came to power? Not anybody else, but the man who is cribbing himself. Like all people in politics he has a great answer.

Read it yourself if you want to waste your time, but clearly the man has guts.

Did you, sir, have a public mandate to run Bangalore to the ground? Did you sir, have a public mandate to not handover the chief ministership to somebody who you had promised in good faith?  If you did not have a mandate for that, but you went ahead and did it, clearly, there is good reason for you to have empowered Lokayukta too?

But anyway, all these are the straws being clutched at. This is one party that Bangaloreans of this generation will never forgive for holding up the progress of this city for a good many years. Thank you sir for all your effort. If you think that the Lokayukta issue will translate into votes for you, this is as much a pipedream as it gets when we dreamt of good infrastructure during your robust tenure.

Anyway, we all need a good laugh sometimes.

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