Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ecomagining my own life

Well, I am trying what I can to bring some ecomagination into my own life. Here is what I do...But first, a confesion. My office commute is by a petrol fired car (this is the best logical choice I have after having considered other options. Update Oct 2012: It is now a year since I switched to BMTC Bus for my office commute). Having said that, here are a few things that have worked for me.
  • I avoid taking the car out as much as possible, if the place is reasonably within reach of public transport
  • My weekend travels are on public transport if I am alone
  • I dont use the car anywhere near my house unless it is heavy duty shopping (once in a couple of weeks)
  • I walk around my house for all my small errands - no bike, no car
  • We compost kitchen waste (been doing this for nearly a year now)
  • I have purchased a bicycle (that caused me an accident too - but well, accidents happen due to stupidity) to try and see if I can cycle to work once a week atleast. (Note to myself: I wish I could work from home.)
  • I live in an apartment where we managed to convince our members to go in for rainwater harvesting (and do some urban farming as well)
Well, these are nothing great, but just some conscious effort on my part to ensure that we live as eco-friendly as possible...

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