Saturday, June 26, 2010

Green tech is big business

GE boosts its Ecomagination initiative by another 10 billion dollars (via).

While there is one part of the world happy with the oil price hike and controlling it and using it to create their own monopoly and spread their perverse of globalization, there is another part of the world that is mollycoddling them, falling at their feet and genuflecting.

And while this circus goes on, there is private initiative that is happy to invest in the future - a cleaner, greener future. Which is why news like GE is great news and the beauty of capitalism. The market will move towards what is logically smart because that is where the money is. This time around, every automobile maker worth its salt has an EV strategy - nobody wants to be known as the automobile company that failed when the world turned its face away from oil.

As individuals, we have two choices, support big oil by buying ever bigger cars or support green initiatives that help ease our movement away from oil into more sensible choices. Put simply, use some ecomagination in your own life...(more on this soon)

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