Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A literal break

It has been an eventful 4 odd weeks. I fractured my hand as the result of a small accident which made my typing that much more difficult - but as always helped build up a surfeit of ideas. Much has happened.

Desipundit has decided to close down - and it was great while it lasted. Thanks Patrix and others - for providing bloggers like me the initial exposure and hits. And as a contributor, a grateful thanks for having provided the opportunity!

The Bhopal gas leak which happened nearly 25 years ago is all over the web - if the nuke liability bill aint tweaked, a nuclear Bhopal will happen soon.

But anyway, what can someone do when a hand is fractured? Let it heal, obviously, but other than that, I maximised my reading by catching up on a few books - notably The insider by PVNR, I accuse by Jarnail Singh, The greatest show on earth by Richard Dawkins, A couple of thrillers, a little philosophy etc...Ambidextrousnes has not happened, but the left hand has got practice in the daily chores.

And yes, I cannot wait to return to full health - and there in lies a lesson. The body is an amazing instrument - every small bit of it, perfectly built and coordinated - which you realize only when a small thing goes wrong. Ditto, for normal people with normal life - we take everything for granted. And when a hand loses some mobility for even a small length of time, you appreciate normalcy and thank god for it. So, there you go, am back after my forced hiatus, but much work needs to be done before the hand returns to shape...

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