Sunday, July 18, 2010

And then we all got swindled

Once upon a time in Bangalore, the real estate market went bonkers. This blog had noted that when the market goes bonkers, the product is sidelined and the freebies are put in focus. Thus it was that Orange properties, was offering among other things, a car free with every apartment/plot booked. Somehow, much water flowed under the real estate bridge and I forgot about it. I even thought that they had all got their Mercs and BMWs delivered and lived happily ever after in all those apartments they had advertised.

But in a conversation today, I realised that Orange properties was, well, a lemon. And thanks to my limited exposure to TV - I had missed this story completely. And, it looks it was a well oiled scam machine to which many people fell prey too and are now running pillar to post for their money.  Complaints board is filled with its complaines. See here.

Nobody is yet in jail or into chakki peesing...not yet, atleast. All the best guys. Scams in India rarely have happy endings for the victims - the proponents continue to lead a good life by and large. Here is the story of South Indian Cooperative banks.

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